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OQO e2
As a UMPC, OQO e2 takes different approach with Kohjinsha SH610B. Why? Because OQO e2 equipped itself with special dongle, contains of Ethernet connector, VGA Out, USB (2 port), and DVD Writer device. So can be said that OQO e2 is a PC or notebook, but in smaller size.

But it stills an UMPC. OQO e2 can be applied without having to apply dongle. Principally, e2 has 5 inches screen, equipped by integrated keyboard, and easy to connect to network through Bluetooth and WiFi. As data storage device is available 120GB harddisk, which in it have been planted of Windows XP (Windows Vista ready). Its weight is less than 500 grams, makes it is portable to accompany your business activity.

This gadget also easy to grasped because its figure is only 14x8,5 cm. But when this device shifted to release its keyboard, broadness reaches 14x12 cm. The keyboard consisted of 60 buttons, with 5x5 mm button size and distance around 2 mm. Because its layout following “qwerty” standard and every button is "emerge" or has high difference with its base, we successfully familiarizes with quickly. However, there is some punctuation mark, like comma or question mark, which its position differs from standard keyboard formation so that complicating enough at first.

Adaptation process also required to apply the input mode. Like we have referred above, OQO e2 doesn't give touch screen, so the input process is replaced by trackpoint and two buttons to left and right click. Trackpoint is placed in right side, whereas click button in left side, so that can be applied at the same applies two hands.

Besides to typing, we also try this gadget to surf the internet. Like most UMPC, the small screen resolution (800x480 pixel) becoming a barrier. You must scroll to read overall of site. Happily, OQO smartly locates touch area in right side of screen. This touch screen can be applied to furl page to left - right and also up - down. OQO e2 also provides zoom facility (basically, enlarges the resolution with interpolation technique), so that you can enlarge page if you like to sees the detail clearly.

By good computing ability and portability, OQO e2 promises great computing experience in anywhere. But the high price of course makes this product is hard to buy. The price not even far above than other UMPC, but also comes near of upper class notebook price. Finally, OQO e2 only suited for you which really place forward the portability (and of course have lot of money).

OQO E2 Review
Price range:
OQO Model e2 - HDD 64 GB SSD - Win XP Pro: $2,869.99
OQO Model e2 - HDD 64 GB SSD - Vista Business: $2,869.99
OQO Model e2 - HDD 120 GB :$1,879.99
Processor: VIA C7-M, 1,6GHz
RAM: 890MB
Chipset: VIA VX700
Graphic Card: VIA S3G Unichrome
Harddisk: 120GB, IDE
Optical drive: No
Display: 5 inches, 800x480 pixel
Dimension: 14,2 x 8,4 x 2,6 cm
Weight: 454 gram
Battery: 17 Wh
Feature: At UMPC (WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI, USB); At Dongle (Ethernet, USB, HDMI, audio)

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