Mio Moov 380: Full Touchscreen GPS Phone

Mio Moov 380
The presents of GPS feature in a cellphone, now is becomes a new trend. So, along the increasing of this trend, Mio Company which known as GPS device vendor is also take the opportunity to bring the new trend. Its newest product, Mio Moov 380 now is planted by cellular ability.

Actually, this big device is a GPS, with ' MioMap 2008' onboard map. But, the presents of GSM triband (900/1800/1900 MHz) technology and Win CE .Net 5 operating system, makes it more complete.

For the CPU (Central Processing Unit), this GPS peripheral relies on made in Samsung 2442. With processor speed in processing data until 400 MHz.

Besides, Mio Moov 380 also added by some cellphone standard feature. For example, 2 MP Camera, SMS, GPRS and microSD memory card slot.


Dimension: 129mm x 78mm x 123mm (50"x31.5"x7.5")
Weight: 164 grams
Display: 4,3” TFT with touchscreen Flat Panel
Resolution: 480 x 242 Pixels (WQVGA)
GPS Chipset: SiRFstarIII
Battery: 720 mAh
CPU: Samsung 2442-400 MHz, Built-In Speaker
TTS: depends on Country, SiRFInstanFixii
Operating System: Win CE .Net 5
Display orientation: Landscape
Network: GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz, SHIM Card Slot, USB 2.0
Navigation Software: Miomap 2008
Equipment: MicroSD Slot, Microphone, Earphone Jack 2.5 mm

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