Canon Powershot SX100 IS Review: Great Photo Detail

Powershot SX100 IS
Canon as one of camera vendors with best focus system is suitable if it applied at Powershot SX100 IS. This compact camera presents great focus performance in its class.

Canon Powershot SX100 IS equipped with 10X optical zoom ability which is equivalent with focal length 36-360 mm at SLR camera 135 mm. In our test, lower focal length lens (without zoom) yields photo result with tending to soft focus. Canon Powershot SX100 IS also has the ability in reducing barrel distortion (curved of straight line).

When applied to make a picture of face, sharp photo result is always reached with activation of face recognition feature.

Canon Powershot SX100 IS equipped with photo result stabilizer which work optically. Mean, position of lens elements will change to compensate the shaking so the picture is still focus.

Indoor photo not become a problem for Canon Powershot SX100 IS. Focus performance still responsive enough in limited light condition. When used with help of flash lamp, light spread evenly and doesn't become centrally. This thing shows good enough performance from flash lamp, although it’s only built-in flash lamp with small reach out capacity (GN-Guide Number). But can be noted that this camera only gives warning at LCD screen if the condition is lack of light and need a flash lamp help, not like most camera that is automatically opens the flash lamp when the condition is needed more light.

There is one indication that is properly noted, that is speed of record when using flash lamp. Photo recording is so faster (around ½ second) when flash lamp is not applied. When flash lamp is applied, photo shutter speed become slowly (2 second).

About its color quality, Canon Powershot SX100 IS gives great color saturation. The color is solid enough but not overload, so looks natural and realistic.

Photo pixel starts to seen at ASA/ISO 400, especially in part of photo shadow. Its available ASA 80 which producing tonal gradation (light-dark) and softer color saturation. We surprises about the ability of Canon Powershot SX100 IS in maintain the detail in part of highlight, especially at ISO 80. Generally, the ability of detail or texture records at all of zoom spread is great enough.

Canon Powershot SX100 IS is a good choice for newbie photography enthusiast and also semi-professional with not overvalued budget. Lens quality which is not failed with the output of big photography lens producer and supported by optical stabilizer is one of factor that needs to be considered.

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