Panasonic SC-BT100 Review: Blu-ray Home Cinema

Panasonic SC-BT100
Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company introduces most recent version from home cinema system in its one box. This SC-BT100 Model is first product of Panasonic which integrating Blu-ray player. This product will be shipped by the end of springtime with the retail price US$ 1000.

SC-BT100 is also friendly to iPod. It’s because there is a dock, so that user can hear music or looks on video with family and friend. Whereas iPod operates, the dock will charge iPod battery. iPod also able to be controlled from device remote control.
Besides, it’s available a SecureDigital flash memory card slot so that user can see picture and play on video file in memory card.

Panasonic says that SC-BT100 is a product that allies the installation easiness and user friendly operation and added by features and performance from upper class video audio components, including Blu-ray Full High Definition resolution 1080i video, wireless rear loudspeaker, and 5.1 Canals sound systems.

Its sound system can be improved to become 7.1 canals by buying two side loudspeakers and a transceiver. This system sends sophisticated audio. Receiver planted in it fits with recent audio codec, like Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD, DTS HD, DTS-HD High Definition, DTS-HD Audio Master, and Linear PCM.

The Subwoofer which designed by Kelton have a driver that residing in cabinet base and a passive radiator to lessen vibration during sending more dynamic bass sound. Front and middle canal loudspeaker using diaphragm from bamboo to produce more accurate and aggressive sound. In order that user feels surround sound effect without bothering other, this system equipped by Whispere-mode Surround.

Blu-ray player in this home cinema system similar to Blu-ray player Panasonic BD50 in offering 24 frame per second output, supports Deep Color, and can playback camera record of AVCHD format video.

In market, this Panasonic product will compete with Samsung product HT-BD2S which have same price. But HT-BD2S doesn't have iPod dock, DTS HD Master decoding, and memory card slot. Other difference, Samsung product applies 7.1 canal sound systems.

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