ZvBox Review: From Computer to Every HDTV

Before all, to see favorite TV program or film which downloaded from Internet, user should accept limited computer monitor screen size. If wish to see it in HDTV screen, need additional subscribe expense or must have a hardware addition device (set-top-box) for every TV. But the presence of ZvBox from ZeeVee Inc. changes it all.

ZvBox is first device which enabling user to look on anything which they get in internet or all file in the computer to all HDTV in house. The unique, ZvBox attributed to every high definition TV only with ordinary coaxial cable. Its only need one ZvBox to connect one computers to every HDTV.

ZvBox is a new product category in electronic goods so-called local-casting. This is a breakthrough method to broadcast any kind of computer can do applies common cable and TV tuner which patching at HDTV.

Local-casting has excess, for example, because can display all online content and multimedia file in computer hard disk without needing TV cable subscribe expense. It also broadcasts the same resolution with displayed by computer. Besides, what user can do in computer its also can be done by HDTV, for example sending e-mail, browsing, editing photo, listens music, or run computer DVD player.

Moreover, the existence of ZvBox doesn't change customer habit in enjoying TV. Because ZvBox localization its signal to a TV channel which is open, user can see Zv by choosing the channel, like choosing other TV channel.

Zvbox have been available exclusively in online shop ( Zvbox is sold by US$ 499, it’s including ZvRemote and Zviewer- wide screen guide. Zeevee will start sends its product to subscriber by 30 Junes.

ZvBox Review
Dimension: 290 x 35 x 102 mm
Weight: 550 gr
Input/output: 1x USBV2.0; 2x VGA HIGH DENSITY 15 pins D-sub; TV F-Type Female cable; HDTV with digital-cable ready tuner
Audio: PCM and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound through USB
Video input: VGA ( or connector DVI-A with VGA adaptor)
Video output: to dfull HD (1080i)
Local-casting: RF Modulation
Encoding: MPEG-2

Computer Requirement

Operating system: Windows XP (SP2); Vista
Processor: 2 GHz
Memory: 2 GB DRAM
Hard disk space: 50 MB
USB: USB 1.0 or USB 2.0 (2 port)
Internet Service: 6 Mbps Bandwidth

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