G4 Titan Heatsink: Stylish Cooler Pad

G4 Titan Heatsink
Nowadays, notebook cooler, or often called as Cooler Pad, can be said become a popular notebook accessory. This accessory more or less can lessen temperature yielded by notebook so that notebook is becomes cooler and comfortable to use. One of cooler pad which we tested is G4 Titan.

G4 Titan has good enough design. Both sides have a hole, so that the user can use it in the reverse side and arrange the wind direction which out from four fans which attached in it. To turn on its fan, connect one of your USB port with cable power which provided.

Looks from its measure, this G4 Titan suited to apply with notebook which has 12" to 17" size. Its form also compact because its width can be arranged. Be careful when applies this cooler pad, because the surface seen smooth and unsteady to hold up the notebook, though have been equipped with rubber prop.

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