Olympus FE-300 Review: Point and Shoot

Olympus FE-300
Dial button which do not figure in manual and semi manual modus shows that this camera haves the "point and shot” character.

Automatic system at Olympus FE-300 that providing 12 scenes is affirming that this camera addressed for user which need simple and practical camera. Nevertheless, focus system at Olympus FE-300 still be made responsive including when we applied it to make a picture inside the home. Long shot from behind the windows also yields sharp enough result because of unique mode so called Behind the Glass. The same Scene also gives good result to make a picture of object at display window and fish in aquarium.

We also always apply the function of light sensor sensitivity menu because enabled at all of automatic photograph style, except at auto photo modus. We did it so that the camera doesn't lead to style ASA/ISO 3200 or 6400 because photo frame size will be minimized to become 640x320 pixel automatically. User can choose compensation intensity of light, and then applies to make a picture of object.

Olympus FE-300 figures in also automatic photo modus for special occasion. We note, modus Document is good enough when applied to make a picture of print media. Just assumes this facility can function as emergency scanner. This camera not closes the possibility to learning make a picture of still life for its user through automatic photograph style. Test result of Cuisine automatic mode to make a picture of fruits, food, vegetable gives color that tending to more matured color (vivid).

To maximize the result of photo at automatic photograph style of Document and Cuisine we combine it with macro facility and time delay. Macro facility gives accurate focus for so close distance photo, whereas delay time obviates the photo becoming not focus as result of camera shake when finger push the shutter release buttons.

As a whole, Olympus FE-300 presents good enough photo result to everyday use camera. The existence of 12 scenes for various photograph scenarios also facilitates newbie user to get best photo result. But, its minimum manual facility of course shows clearly the segmentation of this camera.

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