Canon Ixus 80 IS Review: Stylish Ixus for Woman

Canon Ixus 80 IS
This Ixus design is made so fashionable and stylish to draws in all women user.

Its camera body color available from silver, blue, pink, chocolate, and golden. Shapes of Canon IXUS 80 IS body also rounded and oval causing strengthens the stylish impression of this camera which has 8 megapixel CMOS resolution.

Woman and adolescent generally are wishes practical and automation in photograph. One of innovation in photograph is Motion Detection Technology system which automatically boosts up sensitivity of light sensor (ISO/ASA) so camera can get higher shutter speed and can freeze object movement. But this feature active when user using camera at High ISO Auto mode.

Automation also seen from the inexistence of manual photograph feature, like full manual (M), diaphragm priority (AV), and also shutter speed priority (S). But Canon IXUS 80IS has provided various special photograph styles for various light condition and object type. User can choose Kids & Pets, Indoor, Sunset, Foliage, Snow, Beach, Fireworks, Aquarium, and Underwater scene. Moreover, Canon IXUS 80IS figure in Histogram diagrams facility which can be functioned as lighting indicator, tonal range, and detail/texture when take a picture. At least, user can directly compensated the lighting with topping out ISO or decides to use flash lamp help.

Image stabilizer system equipment that working optically at lens - not at light sensor – giving more plus feature at Canon IXUS 80IS. This system hardly helps us when trying to makes a picture with maximum zoom and also with macro system. With closest photo distance reaches 3 cm, we can record the detail/texture of beetle body excellently.

Logically, with more features activated will make photo process to become slower. We consider this thing doesn't bother at Canon IXUS 80IS. We guess this thing is because the support from DIGIC III processor which added to this camera. At best photo quality style, we note lag time between shutter button release with photo record is very small, that is around 0,5 seconds. Meanwhile, if flash lamp is activated, lag time becomes around 1 second.

Canon IXUS 80IS presents photo record with natural color quality, with accurate focus, and responsive for daily photo documentation. No manual menu of course makes it less compatibly to use for them intend to learning photography, but is compensation with many scene for various requirement.

Canon IXUS 80 IS Review

Resolution (pixel): 8 megapixel
Photo resolution (min/max): 640 x 480 / 3264 x 2448 pixels
Video resolution (min/max): 160 x 120, 15 fps / 640 x 480, 30 fps
Record media: SD, SDHC, MMC, MMCplus, HC
Photo File format: JPEG
ISO/ASA: 80-1600
Zoom: 3X optical (equivalent with 38-114 mm), 4X digital.
Shutter speed (1/detik): 1/60 detik-1/1500 second.
Closest Focus distance: 3 cm.
Viewfinder: (Available)
LCD Diagonal: 2,5 inchi.
Connection: USB, A/V output
Battery type: Li-ion rechargeable NB-4L.
Charger battery: (Available)
Dimension: 86,8 x 54,8 x 22,0 mm
Weight: 125 grams (without battery).
Price range: USD 285

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