Canon HV20 HDV Review: Pro Handycam

Canon HV20 HDV
This handycam hardly suited for the newbie filmmaker. Various feature and quality which usually available at middle-up camcorder class presented at this handycam.

Can be said, only the lens which cannot to be detached and replace is differentiating Canon HV20 HDV from serious class camcorder. The lens with 10X optical zoom ability is equipped with image stabilizer to reduce shocking and blur of video picture record. We try the Focus Assist facility; the focus becomes more precision and responsive. The record result to detail/texture also has above average value.

When we test the handycam, we have time to ask around why its video picture color not vibrant and tends to soft-focus. In fact, 1/2,7 inch CMOS light sensor at Canon HV20 HDV is produces video picture character which "film-like".

1920 X 1080 pixels (19:6) video picture and PAL standard rotating speed (25 frame per second) what yielded no longer have the interlace character, but has applied progressive scanning system. So, this handycam records video picture of progressive scanning system into mini DV cassette which the standard using interlace scanning system.

Manual control systems also become "secret weapon" of Canon HV20 HDV. Although manual focus doesn't provide focus ring, but there is a focusing dial button which its speed can be set manually. More, there is shutter speed controller facility from 1/2-1/2000 seconds. This facility hardly helps when we try to record the video in low light condition and also fast moving subject.

Canon HV20 HDV has manual diaphragm control (iris) from f/1,8 to f/8. Wide diaphragm (small number) besides helping when recording in low light condition also gives slight depth of field to isolate object with mix of high optic zoom. While the thin diaphragm (big number) supports wide depth of field when recording landscape.

Result of video record can be transferred to computer through Firewire (IEE 1394) connection or looked on in plasma TV via HDMI connection. Canon HV20 also provides connection slot of Firewire connection, HDMI, and also Composite A/V. Moreover, Analog to Digital Passtrough connection also added at Canon HV20. This slot recognized also by the name of AV-DV input conversion, good for digitalization of analogue video. USB connection is also available to transferring photo file. If you want to save the photo into flash memory, there is available Mini SD slot.

We impressed with the availability of various slots which supporting addition of vital equipments in film making process. Mini jack slot for headphone enables you to monitors voice input. Hotshoe accessories enable video lamp addition to help lacking of light.

Slot for microphone minijack enables you applies better addition microphone (directional or boom) so can reduces bothering voice. Although, the two built-in microphone on the top body of Canon HV20 HDV able to yield stereo voice record and can reduce wind trouble when recording in outdoor.

Canon HV20 HDV pertained as handycam which rich of professional video record feature. We dare to recommend to all newbie home based user, film maker, and videografer.


Light sensor resolution: CMOS 1/2,7 inchi. Total resolution 2,96 megapixel. Effective resolution 2,07 megapixel.
Video resolution (min/max): 1920 X1080 progressive, 25 fps
Photo resolution (min/max): 640 x 480 / 2048 x 1536
Connection type: Firewire (IEE 1394), USB, HDMI, Composite A/V, S-Video.
Video format: HDV
Photo format: JPEG
Audio format: MPEG1 Audio Layer II, PCM
Record media: Mini cassette of DV, memory card Mini-SD.
Lens zoom: 10 X (equivalent with 6,1 mm-61 mm)
Digital zoom: 200 X
Aperture/diaphragm/iris: f/1,8-3,0
Shutter speed: ½- 1/2000 seconds
LCD Diagonal: 27 inch
Battery type: Lithium ion, rechargeable.
Battery charger: available
Dimension: 88 X 80 X 138 mm
Weight: 535 grams
Warranty: 1 year
Price range: USD 1395

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