Sanyo DMX-HD800 Review: Small, Big Capability

Sanyo DMX-HD800
Don't judge camera by its size. This wise advice need to be followed if seeing the form of this brand new product. Even small and thin, not mean has small ability. If it looked from the ability, this camera is nicknamed as high definition camera “killer”.

This is the DMX-HD800, high definition camcorder – newest Xacti series – from Sanyo. This camera is the newest version of Xacti-HD700 series which has been launched before. DMX-HD800 came with nicer design, compact, and thin, but has big ability.

In this new product launch, Hideki Toyoda, official of Sanyo Digital Co. said that this DMX-HD800 is not only having great and stylish design. But also offers unique features, like 3D Digital Noise Reduction filter.

This feature will produce more clear and beautiful picture. 3D Digital Noise Reduction or 3DDNR has been carried by DMX-HD1010, high definition camera that launched by Sanyo before. Besides 3DDNR feature, DMX-HD800 has Face Chaser feature, for video and also photograph.

Face Chaser is equipped by active scanner which appears in monitor screen. Face Chaser can detect more than 12 faces caught by lens. Compared to former models, face caught by this camera five times more focused or accurate.

This video camera at the same time high definition photo or dual-camera its operation is easy and simple. Besides having compact and light design, video or photo data also easy to be saves at SD memory card or SDHC.

Not only compact on-hand, this camera great for video and photo data drag and drop, from or to personal computer. Want to upload the video record to Internet? It’s easy. This camera is ideal to upload picture to web site or video blog, as good as standard high definition video.

To take a picture, DMX-HD800 also has some advantage. You can take a photo any time, even at recording video condition, without changing from video mode to photograph mode. Unnecessary to stops a moment or does video record pause.

When recording, we can present photo frame in screen only with one button (Photo View). The photo resolution is also big enough, 8 megapixel. While for record the video, with format 1280 x 720 or 720p, applied AVC/H264 video codec.

The battery is also amazing. In full condition, battery ready to record video during 90 minutes or makes 250 picture.

DMX-HD800 Review
- Effective resolution: photograph, 8 MP; video 6,82 MP (HD MODE) and 7,97MP (SD MODE)
- Record media: SD memory card, SDHC (up to 32GB)
- Lens: video f=6.3-31.77 mm; photograph f=38-190 mm; 5x optical zoom, autofocus
- Audio: microphone built-in stereo, speaker built-in monaural
- Display: TFT LCD, 2.7 inches, 230.000 pixels, 285° viewpoint
- Battery: lithium-ion, 1.200 mAh, AC-ADAPTOR
- Power consumption: 36 W for video
- Color: gold, pink, and black
- Price range: US$ 460

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