Logitech diNovo Edge Mac Edition: Alternative Keyboard for Mac

Logitech diNovo Edge Mac Edition
Get bored with your Mac white and slim keyboard? Logitech make a breakthrough with this first special Macintosh computer keyboard: Logitech diNovo Edge Mac Edition.

This keyboard works wirelessly through Bluetooth. It has one button to direct access Mail, Safari, and iTunes. Besides, there are also locks for command, option, and control.
Logitech also provides innovative touch pad so called TouchDisc. User can scroll up and down the screen without need to touch mouse. This keyboard electric power also can stay during one month.

The design looks nice with black glossy piano color. But, the prices (US$ 160) likely still be overvalued for a wireless keyboard if compares to Logitech mini Mac keyboard, Cordless Media Board Pro, which its price is only US$79.

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Comments on "Logitech diNovo Edge Mac Edition: Alternative Keyboard for Mac"


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Anonymous joel said ... (7 tetor 2009 në 11:37 e pasdites) : 

Really fabulous images and features. It will pull everyone to buy new.


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Anonymous Sidekick lx said ... (23 shkurt 2010 në 5:56 e pasdites) : 

Mac users can e happy now.Usually they are always waiting for better products ... I think the keyboard looks very cool.


Blogger computron said ... (2 gusht 2010 në 5:11 e paradites) : 

Cool keyboard. Liked the looks.


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Anonymous cheap dvd players said ... (9 gusht 2011 në 5:08 e paradites) : 

I'm really in trouble here. This is the only solution is for my setup. I need a keyboard with a touchpad or other pointing device built in. Using a mouse on the couch, will not cut it.


Anonymous Pool Tables said ... (24 gusht 2011 në 2:09 e paradites) : 

Really a revolutionary idea in keyboard. Fully multimedia keyboard.


Anonymous jennis said ... (20 shtator 2011 në 11:00 e pasdites) : 

The keyboard looks so good!


Anonymous more gadget said ... (31 tetor 2011 në 5:55 e paradites) : 

very interesting gadget ...


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