Canon Realis X700 Review: The Brightest Money Can Buy

Canon Realis X700
LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) projectors have been around for a while now, but they're still not as common as cheaper engines. That may be changing soon, as price comes down and businesses get wind of the fantastic image quality they promise. Our favorite new business projector, the Canon Realis X700, applies this innovation to great effect. If you need an XGA (1,024-by-768) system, this projector is the best you can buy.

LCoS engines avoid the most common image distortions of cheaper DLP and LCD projectors, producing high-quality images with vibrant, saturated colors. The Realis X700’s measured contrast ratio is low, at 130:1, yet it still manages to outshine the competition. The main drawback is cost, although its $2,500 price is actually cheap for this technology.

Setting up the X700 is simple: Connect the appropriate cables, adjust the image size, and either focus manually with the remote or hit the Auto Set button to let the unit correct the setting for you.

The X700 has an impressive number of ports and cables for a business projector. The unit offers analog and digital ports and can connect with your PC, external audio setup, or component video source. It also ships with a soft carrying case and a bundle of cables: a USB cable, an RGB-component video-to-VGA cable, and a VGA-to-DVI cable.

The X700 excelled on our tests, doing surprisingly well at projecting video, which is an unusual advantage for a business projector. I measured the X700's brightness at 2,906 lumens, about 73 percent of the claimed 4,000 lumens. That’s a slightly lower percentage than most projectors deliver, but it's also the brightest projector we’ve tested. The system's one flaw is its virtually useless built-in audio, but that's not shocking for a business projector.

The X700 certainly doesn't come cheap, but if you're in the market for an XGA projector, this is the finest option out there right now for better, brighter images.

Canon Realis X700 Review
$2,500 street
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Anonymous HDMI Cable Guy said ... (1 maj 2008 në 9:02 e paradites) : 

How long is the VGA cable it ships with? I got a killer long VGA cable from

A 25 footer was $19.75!!!


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