MetaGeek WiSpy 2.4x Review: Affordable Price

MetaGeek WiSpy 2.4x
IT generalists caring for wireless networks need an easy-to-use and low-cost spectrum analyzer, and they'll be pleased to find that the MetaGeek WiSpy 2.4x delivers exactly that. The device doesn’t operate in the 5-GHz band, but the vast majority of home and SMB networks still run at 2.4 GHz.

This latest version of the WiSpy is a small, slightly customizable (you can adjust the antenna position) USB wireless device coupled with sophisticated analysis software. Chanalyzer 2.1 is a solid bit of code, but the action is with Chanalyzer 3.0, currently in beta 5. This updated package uses smart UI design, so even wireless novices can easily identify surrounding wireless signals, their strength, and their sources. The software is capable of recording analysis sessions. You can then e-mail the recording to colleagues who also use Chanalyzer, or you can upload it to MetaGeek's site for help from the user community. Note, however, that the 3.0 beta requires a Windows machine running .Net 2.0 or later.

The WiSpy 2.4x kit is a smart bit of engineering that gives generalists just the tools they need at a reasonable price rather than the vast array of analysis and diagnostic tools-accompanied by a price many times that of the WiSpy - found in enterprise level spectrum analyzers. I’d like to see 5-GHz capability soon (the company says it's working on it), but despite its absence, this is a solid addition to your network management toolkit.

MetaGeek WiSpy 2.4x Review
Price range: $399 direct
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