SanDisk Cruzer Element Review

SanDisk Cruzer Element
This USB flash drive specialist manufacturer makes another breakthrough. They produce USB flash drive in locket format. If it’s seen at a glance, Cruzer Element - name of this product - not seen like flash drive at all. Especially if seeing its packaging which looking like velvet ornament box.

Its form really looks like a gold necklace. In the form of thin locket pendulum with preciuos stone eye, made from gold material. The USB connector is hidden. Only seen when some of locket edges pulled.

Cruzer Element is available in four variants. According to the preciuos stone type in it centered. The preciuos stone type depicts the four nature element in earth.

Nacre, having white color, symbolises wind. Eye of Tiger, having flame color, symbolises fire. Aventurine, having green colour, represents earth and land element. Iazuli layer, having blue colour, decorates Cruizer Element with white gold material, symbolises water.

Unfortunately, Sandisk has not released formal confirmation about it per unit selling price and launch date. But the rumor says, Cruzer Element will only be made in limited number.

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