Vestalife Ladybug Review: iPod Dock Wings

Apple may have special “stores” for iPod accessory. But, Steve Jobs product popularity successfully makes many audio companies is attached. They always compete to makes addition audio system for iPod. One among company names is Vestalife.

At CES 2008 in Las Vegas, they introduce the newest dock for iPod called Vestalife Ladybug. The loudspeaker which gets an award at Audio Components category has cute design and appearance. Its form like a butterfly opening it wings.

Two 1,5 inchs tweeter is looks like wing. When applied, tweeter like unfurl in the left-right of main dock. In off condition, hence tweeter can be folded. Makes dock in circle form and is easier to be kept.

Vestalife guarantees the sound quality which served with digital amplifier system installation. For undertone is produced by one 3 inch subwoofer. As figured in feature, Ladybug compatible with iPod, mini iPod, iPod nano and 4D iPod. As complement, there is USB port for synchronization with computer, AV output, and external jack power which able to be connected to CD player, MP3 player. Remote also figured in to ease the action.

Vestalife Ladybug Review
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