Taser C2 Review: Leopard Elecric Shot Gun

Taser C2
Don’t get misjudge with its appearance. Its form may look like a PMP (portable media player). Its leopard skin pattern covers is so stylish. But, the Taser newest product actually is an electric shock gun which able to “stings” the criminal til 4,5 meter distance!

“Safety with Style”. That is the Taser slogan for C2. The product is addressed to woman that is frequently go alone. In consequence, its form is designed in cute form. Alike a boomerang with girlie colours; like blue, pink, red. The new product, which displayed in CES is having leopard skin pattern.

Even having stylish display, don’t be wrong about C2 ability. The personal safety gadget is equiped by high voltage electrics. The voltage can penetrate clothes material up to 5 cm thickness.

C2 is also equipped by nitrogen powered “bullet” which applied for long distance “sting”. If it’s shot off, C2 will release two “bullet” which spreads voltage in target body.

In United States, C2 is not considered as a weapon because it doesn’t kill. In consequence, the owner is not needed a special permit to buy it. Even so, both “attack” models can cause temporary nerve paralysis.

Thereby, its every item is equipped by special barcode. Moreover, it’s performed a user background check so that C2 doesn’t bought by wrong people. Taser C2 is sold at the price of US$ 299,95.

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Blogger Aspen said ... (22 shkurt 2008 në 7:56 e pasdites) : 

The Taser is quickly becoming the non-lethal weapon of choice for law enforcement everywhere. I would definitely rather be hit with a Taser, than shot with a 9mm! The Taser could become the non-lethal weapon of choice for many people, as it is more effective than "most" pepper sprays at immediately stopping an attacker.

The new Taser C2 is only 6-inches long and fits easily in a woman's hand. Its small size makes it perfect for the night stand or glove box and is very concealable in your purse! It is not considered a firearm and is legal to carry for self defense purposes in 40+ States.

The newer fashion colors (RED, LEOPARD, GREEN CAMO, and DESERT CAMO) are not as easily found on the market yet, but the more standard colors (PEARL BLACK, ELECTRIC BLUE, METALLIC PINK, and TITANIUM SILVER) are readily available. The TASER C2 comes in two models one without a laser sight and one with a laser sight. The price difference is only $50; so my thoughts are "Why not be sure where you are aiming? Spend the extra $50 for the laser sight!"

The retail price in the USA for the TASER C2 with laser is $349.95 I've been told that Taser International asks that its Authorized Dealers only advertise that price. This doesn't preclude dealers from creating special bundle packages that create a real dollar savings value for the consumer on their purchase of a TASER C2.

Boomer Life Solutions, LLC is one company I have found on the web that seems to be creating that value for the consumer. They currently have a Self Defense Package Combo that includes:

1) The TASER C2 with laser sight and one air cartridge

2)Two(2) "EXTRA" TASER AIR CARTRIDGES (A $49.99 Retail Value)

3)A 0.50 ounce Wildfire 18% Pepper Spray (A $10.00 Retail Value)

4) A $10 Online or Mail-in Rebate to cover the cost of your new TASER activation through Taser International

5)FREE SHIPPING on the whole package (Another $6-$15 savings; depending on the retailer).

Boomer Life Solutions is offering the whole package at the advertised retail price of $349.95 ... it doesn't get much better than that, not legally anyway!

I did some shopping and saw that a few dealers are offering a free holster with the TASER C2, not the pepper spray. I can see a holster being a necessity for the TASER M18 (it looks like a gun from Robocop, yikes!), but why would I want to mess with trying to get my compact TASER C2 out a holster; which I've thrown into the bottom my purse. I want quick access to it and my pepper spray! I have enough trouble just finding my car keys in that deep abyss. If you are looking for the ultimate personal self defense combo, then Boomer Life Solutions has hit the mark! I just picked one of these combo packs up at their online store:

Boomer Life Solutions also has a lipstick case styled pepper spray for $9.25 ... great idea! Pepper Spray is legal to carry in all 50 States, but a few States have some restrictions. The lipstick pepper sprays can be found at Boomer Life Solutions online store:
Boomer Life Solutions is on the right track. They are new to Web, but seem committed to providing helpful information and great products at prices that reflect an excellent consumer value. There corporate web site address is:

If you are looking to upgrade your self defense arsenal or you simply want the best self defense products available to the civilian population, then I would recommend starting and ending your search at Boomer Life Solutions online store:

I hope this helps other women looking for self defense tools … I’m sold on Boomer Life Solutions!



Blogger Aspen said ... (28 shkurt 2008 në 5:28 e pasdites) : 

Sorry, I made a mistake on the link for Boomer Life's Taser C2 Self Defense Combo. It apparently isn't a 'html' page, but something called a 'php' page. If you're interested the link is:

Take Care!



Anonymous Anonim said ... (22 qershor 2008 në 11:08 e pasdites) : 

I think tasers are excellent for non lethal weapons use. It is important to use them responsibly whether we are talking about priviate citizens or law enforcement but I think it is the clear choice.


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