Christmas Gadget (Part I: Dirty Job)

iRobot Looj 150
$169.99 direct

This gutter-cleaning gizmo, from the makers of the Roomba, will keep you off the roof and out of harm’s way. The Looj crawls through gutters and churns out muck and debris with an auger, spinning at roughly 500 rpm. Its hard plastic fins and bristle brushes will finish this dirty job in no time.
Nokia Vertu Signature Rose Gold Pink Diamond Edition
$73.000 list

Every gift guide needs at least one absurd item, right? This luxury handset, with 923 stones (rubies, pink sapphires, pink diamonds, and white diamonds) totaling 72 carats, costs more than most cars, so you might need Santa's help. All we can say is. Don’t leave it in a cab
Griffin iKaraoke
$39.99 list

Plug this microphone into your iPod and, voila, you have your own personal karaoke machine. The iKaraoke lets you sing along with your favorite tunes or mutes the song’s vocals so only your lovely voices heard. Your one-person concert can then be transmitted over an empty FM band or via a stereo-out connector.
Brookstone SportsCast Wireless Football Scoreboard
$99 direct

Are you the kind of football fan who needs constant updates on your team, no matter where you are? The SportsCast will give you the score of “Every team. Every game. Every quarter” Best of all, it’s battery-operated and updated via satellite, so you don’t have to hook it up to the Internet.

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin iPod Speakers
$599.95 list

Despite its name, this-of-the-art iPod dock is definitely not full of hot air. The oblong speaker houses two woofers, two tweeters, and a subwoofer behind its soft-cloth, nonremovable grille. It pumps out room-filling, crisp sound with well- defined bass and will look great on your mantle.


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