Creative Prodikeys DM Value

Just try to stop working and take your time to playing music. Two activities can be done easily with Creative Prodikeys DM Value. This gadget is keyboard PC at the same time integrated keyboard MIDI, so gives multiple functions.

For playing music, MIDI button in the tuts keyboard appearance with 3 octave scale there is in board underside. On the left there is hotkeys to implement music program and a wheel which functioning as volume control and pitch bend. In order not to bother when do typing, close the MIDI peripheral with available cover at the same time functioning as hand arm rest.

Before implementing musical function, you need to install the software before. You can learn, play, even makes your own song easily. You even can record it in MIDI, WAV, and MP3 format. Prodikeys can also functioning as music sampler. To produce more optimal sound, Creative suggests usage of Sound Blaster Audigy sound card. Unhappily it’s rather expensive.

Unquestionable, Prodikeys DM Value is purposed for PC user which likes to play music. Both hobbies can be done without need to buy keyboard PC and keyboard MIDI separately. One critic for the gadget is when applied fot long term typing, the keyboard is felt not steady. However, with the double function and proper price I suggest you to buy it immediately.

This the Short Review of Creative Prodikeys DM Value
Price range: $55

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